Education studies are beneficial for those wishing to enter the world of teaching, but it is also an interdisciplinary subject which draws on History, Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy to help gain insight about how people and society learn.

Going to a university is a time when you learn and grow, gain new knowledge and life experience. It is the moment for all students to expose themselves to a diversity of ideas, people, and numerous activities; elements which are crucial to a well-rounded education. As Bahçeşehir Cyprus University we support your well-being, growth and success in a caring environment. We seek to intentionally promote student learning and development through varied, high-quality services, programmes, and opportunities that will allow you to balance the components of intellectual, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual growth.

Education is an important part of the growth and learning development of children through to adults, and there will always be a strong demand for those able to educate others and our future generations.

A degree in Education studies provides an opportunity to engage in current debates on education by focusing on the contemporary approaches, skills and methods used in teaching, learning and educational wellbeing, and looking at how childhood is shaped by culture and society.

Our students explore how people develop through education and, by taking part in placement and volunteering opportunities, gain a broad range of skills that are transferable to careers in socially orientated professions.

You’ll cover topics including perspectives on education, thinking and learning in higher education, historical and contemporary issues, teaching diversity, how people learn, and special educational needs.

Our role is to assist and support you in achieving your academic, personal and career goals by forging a sense of community atmosphere that fosters learning and overall student development. We work with students to provide them with a variety of experiences during their time at Bahçeşehir Cyprus University.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Bahçeşehir Cyprus University.

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