The intensive English language program at Bahçeşehir Cyprus University, English Language Teaching (EPS) is designed to help students to achieve a CEFR B1 level of English language proficiency for the undergraduate students and CEFR B2 English language level of proficiency for the MA/MSc/English Language Teaching Department students. The program has four levels of instruction which is mapped to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and focuses on developing students’ General English Language as well as Academic English Language proficiency through an integrated skill curriculum, which fosters active and independent learning.

All the newly admitted BAU Cyprus students who are unable to present a valid English Language Proficiency Certificate (Table 1) to the university or pass the BAU English Placement Examination are required to complete English language education at EPS.

English Language Teaching Exemption Criteria

New students who are admitted to the English language medium departments are required to take English Language Teaching (EPS) English Placement Examination. However, students who confirm their English language proficiency levels with one of the valid certificates indicated in Table 1 can be exempted from the English Language Teaching program.  Additionally, students who completed the English Language Teaching program at a university and Master students who pursued their undergraduate studies in an English medium program are also exempted from EPS English Placement Examination and program.  However, all the valid documents indicating students’ English language proficiency levels must be submitted to Student Services and English Language Teaching administration before the student sits EPS English Placement Examination and commences his/her EPS English language program.  Please note that the referred certificates are not accepted after the students take the exam and enrol EPS program.

All the newly admitted students who do not have an English language certificate are required to take EPS English Placement Examination and they are placed into A1, A2, B1, and B2 English language levels (CEFR) in consideration with the grades they obtain from the exam. EPS English Placement Examination can be administered either face to face or online depending on the situation. Students are informed about the mode of the examination after the registration process.

Table 1: Exemptions from English Language Teaching Program

Table 1: Exemptions from English Language Teaching Program
Programs requiring minimum 60/100 on the EPS English Placement Exam

(Undergraduate Programs)

Programs requiring minimum 80/100 on the EPS English Placement Exam

(Master programs and English Language Teaching Department)

IELTS (minimum 5.0) IELTS (Minimum 5.5)
TOEFL IBT (minimum 60) TOEFL IBT (minimum 65)
TOEFL CBT (minimum 170) TOEFL CBT (minimum 183)
TOEFL PBT (minimum 497) TOEFL PBT (minimum 513)
GCE/IGCSE (Minimum C) GCE/IGCSE (Minimum B)
FCE (Minimum C) FCE (Minimum B)
CPE/CAE (Minimum C) CPE/CAE (Minimum B)
SAT : Writing: Minimum 340

Reading: Minimum 400

Total: Minimum 740

SAT : Writing: Minimum 350

Reading: Minimum 410

Total: Minimum 760

PTE: Minimum 40 PTE: Minimum 46

Minimum C6


Minimum C5

IELTS: International English Language Testing System
TOEFL IBT: Internet-based Test of English as a Foreign Language.
TOEFL PBT: Paper-based Test of English as a Foreign Language.
TOEFL CBT: Computer-based Test of English as a Foreign Language.
GCE: General Certificate of Education
IGCSE: International General Certificate of Secondary Education
FCE: First Certificate in English
CAE: Certificate in Advanced English
CPE: Certificate of Proficiency in English
SAT: The SAT Reasoning Test (formerly Scholastic Aptitude Test)
PTE: Pearson Test of English
WAEC: West African Examinations Council
WASSCE: West African Senior School Certificate Examination

English Placement Examination and Classification

The medium of instruction at BAU Cyprus is English. At the commencement of each academic semester, an English Placement Exam is administered to determine the new students’ levels of English. English Placement Exam is administered twice a year. Students sit this exam at the beginning of the Fall or Spring Semester. Each student can take this exam only once.

English Placement Test aims to assess students’ English proficiency in four language skills; namely, listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Listening and reading sections consist of multiple-choice questions and the students are required to write an academic essay of 250 words in the writing section. Students attend a face-to-face interview in the speaking part.

A sample test is available on the school’s website.

English Placement Test and Classification

All the newly admitted BAU Cyprus students who are unable to confirm their English Language Proficiency levels with a valid document (see Table 1) are required to take English Placement Test at the commencement of each academic semester.

Students whose English Placement Exam results are between 0-25 are placed in A1 level whereas students with 26-40 exam results are placed into A2 level. The students whose English Placement Exam results are between 41-59 are placed in B1 level whereas MA students and English language Teaching Department students who score between 61-79 are placed into B2 level. The pass mark required for students to move directly to their faculty is 60% for Bachelor degree students and 80% for Master Program students and English language Teaching Department students. Those students who score less than the required pass mark are asked to attend the appropriate EPS English proficiency levels. Students can complete each level in one semester except for A1+A2 level which can be completed in one semester.

Table 2: Stage 1 English Placement Exam Results

A1 Level A2 Stage 2 English Proficiency Test
0-25 26-40 Above 40

A1 Level A2 B1(Bachelor Degree Students) B2 (MA and English Language Teaching Department  Students) Faculty
0-25 26-40 41-59 60-79 60+ (BA Students)

80+ (MA and ELT students)

The students have the right to appeal to the examination results by filling in a Petition Form which can be found on the EPS website.


• Students are required to come to exams on time and with photo identification with them.

• Students are required to comply with the rules expressed by examiners during the
examination. Those who fail to do so or argue with the examiners are asked to leave the
exam hall and they fail the exam.

• Students arriving late for examinations are admitted to the examination venue without questions during the first 30 minutes of the examination period but without any additional time to complete the examination.

• Students are not allowed to leave the exam venue during the first 30 minutes after the exam starts, and during the last 10 minutes before the exam finishes. Students will not leave their seats until all exam papers have been collected and the announcement is made students may leave the room.

• Students are not allowed to leave the examination hall except for emergencies.

• Students are required to bring all the stationaries (pen, eraser, etc.) with them. Students are not allowed to borrow pens/pencils, erasers etc. from each other.

• Students are not permitted to use dictionaries during the exam.

• Electronic devices, including mobile phones, smartwatches and other electronic devices must be turned off and put away during the examination.

• Smoking and eating are not allowed in the examination venue.

• The students who are caught cheating are immediately asked to leave the examination.

• Hall and discipline investigation will be started. If a student cheats from another student, each of the students will be responsible. The confidentiality of each student’s responses to exam papers is his or her sole responsibility.

Instructions for the Online English Placement Examination

  • Following the recommendation of the Higher Education Planning, Supervision, Accreditation, and Coordination Board (YODAK), BAU Cyprus Senate has decided to administer English Placement Test online during the pandemic
  • Please check the announcements on OIS System and its learning systems for the online exam rules and instructions.
  • Candidates are informed about the date and time of the online English Placement Exam after the registration process.
  • Candidates are also provided with information about how to log into OIS and itslearning online systems.
  • A password will also be posted to the ‘itslearning system’ as part of an announcement five minutes before the exam starts.
  • A link is provided on the itslearning system for the online English Placement Exam
  • Please click the exam link and enter the password to access the exam.
  • Please read the exam instructions before starting to answer the exam questions.
  • Please check the time allocated and the deadline for the exam. The exam will be inactive and unavailable after the specified deadline.
  • Please answer the questions carefully because you will be able to go forward all the time. You won’t be able to go back and change your answers.
  • If the internet is broken during the online exam, you can continue the exam from where you left off when you are reconnected. However, this period is counted from the exam period and no additional time is given to the student. Your exam period ends at the specified deadline.
  • Please do not forget to click the submit button to save the exam. Otherwise, your exam will be deleted.
  • Please click the submit button within the given time limits because you won’t be able to submit the exam after the deadline.