ELT Program Learning Outcomes

In preparing our students to meet the challenges of their future work as educators, the Education Studies minor will:

  1. Provide opportunities for students to explore different domestic and international educational models and philosophies;
  2. Encourage students to formulate their own educational philosophy and reflect on the connections between content knowledge and pedagogical approaches;
  3. Teach students how individual learners develop and help students understand the impact of individual learning differences;
  4. Expose students to issues of privilege, power and difference and their intersection with issues of education;
  5. Help students become aware of how learners are affected by environmental factors;
  6. Expose students to the ways different academic disciplines approach issues of education;
  7. Make students aware of codes of ethical conduct and professional organizations that advocate for learners and on behalf of educational policy and practice;
  8. Provide coursework and fieldwork opportunities necessary for those students wishing to meet teacher preparation or graduate school requirements.